Services We Provide

Lab Tests

Patients often come for evaluation and explanation of abnormal test results done on the outside that we further investigate to determine if any treatment is indicated.

Echocardiogram Ultrasound of the Heart

To evaluate for problems such as shortness of breath, palpitations, heart murmurs, high blood pressure.


Tracing of electrical rhythm of the heart to evaluation for chest pain, palpitations, high blood pressure.

Carotid Doppler Ultrasound

Measure carotid arteries which can often be blocked and cause strokes. Beneficial in patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, peripheral vascular disease, tobacco use.

Ultrasound of Abdomen

To evaluate for patients with abdominal pain, abnormal liver tests, or with risk factors for aortic aneurysm..

Venous Doppler

Used to check arms or legs for causes of swelling or pain

Arterial Doppler

Used to check arteries in legs for blockages in people with pain when they walk (especially patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, or tobacco use).

Pulmonary Function Testing

Checks breathing for signs of asthma, copd, or other lung disease and useful in patients with shortness of breath or coughing.


Coming soon !

Nerve Conduction Studies

Coming Soon !


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