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About Our Practice

Electronic Medical Record
Our office has replaced paper medical charts with an electronic system to provide seamless medical care from the moment you make an appointment to the point you leave our office, and even helps us coordinate your referrals to outside specialists and testing facilities.

Highlights of the Electronic Medical Record include the following:

  • online appointments requests are available, if desired
  • patient history forms filled out before your visit are transmitted directly into your chart allowing your doctor more time to talk to you about your concerns
  • patient visit summaries printed out for you to take home (listing medications, tests ordered, follow dates, health recommendations)
  • referrals are faxed to outside specialists so they know why you are coming

Online Patient Portal
Allows patients and doctors to communicate easily, safely, and effectively over the Internet.

The online portal provides patients the ability to:

  • review coming appointments
  • view prescription information, lab results, diagnostic results
  • request prescription refills, send and receive messages to and from the doctor or nurse, complete health assessments,
  • examine their statements to see their balance

Same Day Appointments
Through a new concept called open access scheduling we are ensuring that slots are available for patients to be seen on a short-term notice for acute illnesses. We reserve slots for same day appointments so we will always be available to see you when you need us most.

Evening Office Hours
on Wednesdays

Language Interpretation Services
Spanish and Urdu/Hindi